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Art by 1337intellect Art :icon1337intellect:1337intellect 3 1
Tears are a young boy who scraped his knee
      and a son who no longer feels worthy of the tuition his parents pay.
Tears are a father walking his not so little girl down the aisle
      and an old man whose wife of 50 years just passed away.
Tears are a lonesome night without a lover,
      and a throbbing headache that never seems to cease.
Tears are an overdue reunion between great friends,
      and a beautiful sunrise viewed from atop a great peak.
But most of all, tears are the things that shape who we are and who we will someday be.
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 2 2
Max 2011
Name: Maxwell (Max)
Age: 21 (August 15)
Height: 200 cm (6'6")
Weight: 135 kg (297 lb)
Species: Canis lupus arctos (Arctic Wolf)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Weaponry: HK416 // M4 carbine // SCAR
This wolf's heterochromatic eyes shown to great contrast. His left iris was pinkish-
red and his right one was so steely green it was almost grey. The right eye was also
scarred badly. His muzzle also sported several scars and his nose ended in a ring. A
circular gouge had been taken out of the tip of his left ear as well. He had other,
similar scars all over his body including a large one from the top of his right
shoulder to the center of his chest where fur no longer grew. His body was rippling
with muscle, much like a professional wrestler or champion body builder.
He wore no shirt and his battle dress pants were olive green. He wore a belt with a
golden buckle. The belt had a sheath attached, sporting exactly four knives, ranging
in length from two just over a foot to another roughly a
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 1 0
Sam 2011
Name: Samson (Sam)
Age: 16 (March 11)
Height: 155 cm (5'1")
Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
Species: Alopex lagopus (Arctic Fox)
Sexual Orientation: Male-preferent bisexual
Weaponry: AWM // Ruger 10/22
The young teen-aged fox's fur was artificially coloured in splotches of silver and
grey across his white back, shoulders, arms, and legs. A pattern resembling urban
camouflage. He was quite short. His figure was very thin, appearing quite frail. He
seemed very timid and looked to be about 14 years of age. The uncoloured white fur
on his belly was a stark contrast to the jet black hair covering his pale blue eyes.
His fitted v-neck shirt bore of picture of a giant blue dog's head barking
thunderbolts. It featured the words "drop dead" in script at the head's base. He
also wore a red bandana around his neck. He also wore tight blue skinny jeans and
black high top Converse. He had the letter X tattooed on his left bicep and had
another two written in ink on the backs of his hands.
His shyness was qu
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 0 0
Jenna 2011
Name: Jennifer (Jenna)
Age: 17 (May 26)
Height: 175 cm (5'8")
Weight: 70 kg (154 lb)
Species: Lepus arcticus (Arctic Hare)
Sexual Orientation: Male-preferent bisexual
Weaponry: CZ 75 // Desert Eagle // FN Five-seven
The bunny girl appeared to be in her late teens. Her fur was dyed a neon pink,
adorned with phosphorescent green tiger stripes, and she wore her equally bright,
equally pink hair over one of her bright green eyes. Her body was trim, but there
were faint signs of musculature in her arms and legs.
She wore a black zippered jacket brandishing the word "ROCKET" in white gothic
lettering. It was unzipped to reveal her silver bikini top. Her hot pants were also
silver. She also wore thigh high fishnet stockings and four-and-a-half-inch platform
pumps. Her right ear was pierced with a pair of spikes above a medium-sized gauge.
She held herself high, pushing out her chest and showing obvious excitement with her
exaggerated bodily expressions. Every person around her was greeted wit
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 0 0
It'sa me by 1337intellect It'sa me :icon1337intellect:1337intellect 1 2 Setting Sun by 1337intellect Setting Sun :icon1337intellect:1337intellect 2 3 Me 2010 by 1337intellect Me 2010 :icon1337intellect:1337intellect 0 10 Field by 1337intellect Field :icon1337intellect:1337intellect 2 5 Bunny by 1337intellect Bunny :icon1337intellect:1337intellect 2 8
Kingston and Eric
There was a young boy standing alone in the middle of a clearing surrounded by a great sea of sequoias. Seemingly in his early teens, he had platinum blond hair and pale blue eyes. His pale skin seemed to glow blue in the light of the now full moon.
"I know you're there Kingston," The boy called out into the darkness.
A tiger boy stepped out of the wilderness. He appeared several years older, his white fur also appearing to glow in the light of the moon; his blue eyes glinted with a certain maniacal malevolence.
"It's ok to fight for me, Eric. It's what you do," Kingston stated.
"I befriended you and mentored you, Kingston. Don't make me regret it."
"My company needs you, Eric... I'm not letting you get away from me."
"Kingston, do you really think you can control me? Need I remind you, I am a god as far as you're concerned?"
"Even gods can be bound to the wills of mortals."
"You've lost sight of your place in the universe, child," And with those words, Eric lunged for Kingston, grabbi
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 1 8
A Sad Day
I once saw a way to do it right.
The path of what is true.
But now the boundries are broken down.
I used to see my strengths,
but those have since weakened.
I used to see merely weakness,
but now there's only incompetence.
Crushed under a waterfall.
Surrounded by a teary sea of doubt.
Confusion holds me down,
Blurring my vision,
As I search through the dark.
I can't see up,
Can't feel down.
Morality becomes a shadow of itself.
Is there a right?
Is there a wrong?
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 2 2
He was a very attractive white wolf in his late teens. He was about 5'10". He wore no shirt, exposing the powerful scar adorned muscles all across his arms and abdomen. His brilliant green eyes sparkled in the sunlight. His jeans had been tattered from his many fights and spars over the last few months so that his pale grey boxers were clearly visible.
Maxwell was born in a small village east of Caston named Centra Villa. Elemanian military officials came to this village in search of a potential super soldier. All children under 6 were required to take blood tests which would determine their usefulness as subjects in their experiments. At this time Maxwell was only five, and he went up to take the test as well. When the results came back, there were genetic flags that matched several of the top soldiers at Eleman's disposal. He was immediately taken into custody of the scientists heading the tests.
For several years, Max was administered several drugs, including growth hormones, and ta
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 1 3
The young teen-aged fox's fur was artificially coloured in a splotches of black, grey and white. He was quite short, around 150 cm. His figure was very thin, appearing quite frail. His pale blue eyes were a stark contrast to his jet black hair, his bangs just below his brow. His clothes were baggy. He didn't appear to wear a belt as his jeans were barely staying on his body. One peculiar trait he seemed to have was his avoidance of looking directly at anyone. He didn't even seem to look at inanimate objects for any length of time.
Sam has had difficulties with trust since he was quite young. The only person he's ever really trusted enough to even converse with is his adoptive sister Jenna. She provided for him until his cousins found him at 13 and he discovered he was of noble birth. After that, he found himself in possession of large sums of money and his own home.
Sam soon picked up a new hobby: riflery. He's practiced on skeets for most of his life, but now finds himself a marksman
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 0 1
The bunny girl looked about 16. Her fur was dyed a neon pink and she wore her similarly dyed hair over one of her bright green eyes. Her body was trim, but there were definite signs of musculature in her arms and legs. She wore a black tank top embroidered with a yellow rose over her left breast and a dark grey mini skirt with red sandals. Her right ear was pierced with studs from the bottom of the out side to about halfway up the ear.
As a young 7 year old, Jenna's village was destroyed by an anti-animal extremist group. She is the oldest of two known survivors, the younger she adopted as her little brother and named him Samson Lightpad.
She took him and wandered around for days until they passed out from dehydration. Luckily, those that found them brought them to their home and nourished them. After a few days, the pair was once again on their own. With none of the normal skills necessary to make money, Jenna began begging on the streets.
After some time, it dawned on her that she co
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 0 4
Animal Farm
Human rule;
So harsh, so cruel;
With whips and guns and little food,
Happiness is seldom found any place around;
Down on Manor Farm.
Old Major came and told us all,
How to make our world at peace;
Expell mankind and claim the farm;
Soon enough the animals revolted,
The land was all their own;
Sadly Major never saw the day,
when all was good as should be.
Tooth and claw, for one, for all;
Animals all, big and small, all equal;
Life is good with humans gone;
The food is plentiful,
Enough for pigs and horses,
Enough for cows and chickens,
Enough for donkeys and geese.
As time flies by, everything seems well at Animal Farm.
The battles were few,
The wars were short;
Then came the windmill;
Snowball proposed a new dream,
Heated water, electrical machinery,
An easier life for all;
Comrade Napolean would chase him out;
The plans were his to begin with, after all;
Dogs barking in hot pursuit,
Snowball would never return to the Farm.
The new rule of Comrade Napolean,
Misunderstandings abound;
:icon1337intellect:1337intellect 8 2

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I was bored and couldn't sleep the other day. The result? Compiling a list of hardware that would make a super-duper ultra-overkill-tastic megagasmic PC and cost someone way more than they should be putting into a computer. I thought I would share the awesome excessiveness I compiled so that you too can wish you could have it! xDDD

So, without further to do…



Stay tuned for more software, as I attempt to come up with legitimate uses for the power of this machine software that is capable of utilizing this machine's full potential. <.< Yeah…

Remember kids, this is not a Facebook machine. It is a high-powered production workstation/multimedia server/gaming computer.

Actually, I don't even know that all those uses would be enough to validate having that powerful of a machine, but that's what we'll say it's for, alright? ^^'


The two SSDs and four of the internal HDDs would be configured in RAID 10 and the other four internal HDDs would be RAID 0.


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